We are pleased to offer publication designed to help you and your church better understand and prepare for your financial future. It is our desire to make available tools that help you get the most from the financial resources now while also planning for your future. The following items may be purchased easily through this website.



10 Ways to Use Life Insurance for Planned Giving

Learn How Your Life Insurance Can Benefit Your Church

The average family owns more than $25,000 of life insurance, yet little of this money ever finds its way into the church because few people are aware the opportunity even exists. This pamphlet offers practical information about using insurance for charitable giving.

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All About Charitable Remainder Trust

Answers to Questions About a Generous Way to Benefit Your Family
and Favorite Ministries

Practical insight and answers to questions about this generous opportunity that can benefit family and favorite ministries. A charitable remainder trust can provide income to you and/or other income beneficiaries for life or a period of up to 20 years. This pamphlet helps readers understand the benefits of having a charitable remainder trust.

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A Gift That Gives Back

Answers to Your Questions About Charitable Gift Annuities

This pamphlet will help readers discover a great opportunity to help the church or other ministry while providing a simple, guaranteed source of income. Gift annuities deliver competitive rates without the necessity for complicated investment strategies.

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Miracle Sunday

A Focused One-Day Capital Campaign Strategy For Your Church

Dr. Wayne C. Barrett, CFP ®

Discover an intensive fund-raising campaign culminating in a major offering received on one day, known as “Miracle Sunday.” This booklet outlines the entire process from beginning to end, including a communication strategy and timeline that you can use to implement your own "Miracle Sunday" fund-raising event at your church. This approach is especially helpful during tough economic times.



The Pastor's Role in Planned Giving

An opportunity to significantly impact legacy giving in your community

Discover an intensive fund-raising campaign culminating in a major offering received on one day, known as “Miracle Sunday.” This booklet outlines the entire process from beginning to end, including a communication strategy and timeline that you can use to implement your own "Miracle Sunday" fund-raising event at your church. This approach is especially helpful during tough economic times.

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Planning Your Legacy

The wills guide can be a valuable tool to help you gather information and think through how you will provide for your loved ones with your estate plan. The guided process is short and usually takes about two hours to complete.

IconDownload1Downloadable PDF File This file can be downloaded free of charge and printed for your personal use.



Secrets of Effective Giving in Small and Medium Sized Churches DVD

This short DVD effectively highlights how the small church is different, but can still be successful.



A Stewardship Education DVD

Includes the “Ten Commandments of Commitment Campaigns” by Wayne Barrett, CFT (58:58 min) & “Encouraging the Joy of Generous Giving” by David S. Bell (48:08 min)



The Thoughtful Christian's Guide to Investing Church Funds

Dr. Wayne C. Barrett, CFP ®

This resource provides valuable ideas to help understand the risks and returns of investing church endowments, memorial funds, building funds, parsonage sale proceeds and many more investment challenges.



Use Your Will Power!

Connecting Your Faith, Values, and Legacy

This pamphlet is filled with helpful information about incorporating faith and values into estate planning. This valuable tool will help readers know how to exercise their "will power" to include provision for church and ministry organizations within a will.

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Where It's At

A Survivors’ Guide to the Location and Distribution of Personal Property

This is a helpful resource everyone should have.The easy fill-in-the-blank process will lead you through identifying everything from the location of your will to contact information for insurance and investments, and even preferences regarding your funeral.This booklet will help to ensure that your loved-ones have the information they need to carry out your wishes upon your death.



Helpful Websites

Below are some websites we thought you might find helpful. If you have ideas of other links we may want to recommend to our readers, please contact us.


GBOD Stewardship
The mission of this center is to encourage the joy of generous giving in congregations and individuals by providing church leaders with exceptional stewardship resources, training, and consultation.


Ecumenical Stewardship Center (ESC)
The mission of the ESC is to serve Christian denominations, institutions, organizations, and congregations in developing creative and vital stewardship ministries.


The Michigan Area Loan Fund
The new Michigan Area Loan Fund of the United Methodist Church [MALF] is helping to make ministry dreams come true by providing mortgage loans and promissory notes for Michigan area United Methodist Churches and institutions. In addition, MALF provides an excellent investment opportunity for individuals, congregations and ministries that will not only earn interest at competitive rates, but will also help to expand the ministry of the United Methodist Church within Michigan.


Good Sense Ministry
A practical six-session, God-honoring personal budgeting course designed to free people from the bondage of consumer debt and to lead people toward a content life. In addition to this primary course, Good Sense Ministry offers several other components to make this ministry a comprehensive personal budgeting program designed to be a significant component to a year-round stewardship emphasis.


American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA)
ACGA provides educational and other services to American charities regarding gift annuities and other forms of planned gifts. They actively promote responsible philanthropy through actuarially sound gift annuity rate recommendations, quality training opportunities, and the advocacy of appropriate consumer protection.


Partnership for Philanthropic
Planning (PPP)
The PPP mission is to help people and organizations create charitable giving experiences that are the most meaningful in achieving both charitable mission and the philanthropic, financial, family and personal goals of the dono..


Michigan Area United Methodist Church
Putting our faith in action by making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, which is the mission of our churches.  Through the power of our connection, we are making a difference across the state.


The Official United Methodist
Church Website

The official website sponsored by United Methodist Communications. This website provides links to all aspects of the denomination.


UM Electronic Funds Transfer Service
This service allows members' contributions to be electronically transferred from their checking or savings accounts and deposited into the church's bank account on a steady, uninterrupted basis.


Provides denominationally-based resources related to connectional ministries, including Shared Ministries, Churchwide Special Sundays, Mission Moments, Second Mile Giving, and Conference Benevolences.


Annual Stewardship Campaign Materials

We recommend the following resources that provide helpful insight for implementing a successful annual stewardship campaign
at your church. Each program is written by experts with years of experience developing fundraising campaigns for churches and
non-profit organizations. Contact information is available with each resource for ordering or obtaining more information.


BookCommittedToChristCommitted to Christ:
Six Steps to a Generous Life

By Bob Crossman

  • Presents giving as a lifelong journey in Christian discipleship
  • After an introductory Sunday stressing the importance of commitment to Christ, the next six weeks are spent exploring: prayer, Bible reading, worship, witness, financial giving, and service
  • Through worship, sermons, and small group activities, the congregation is asked to assess prayerfully their own level of commitment and to consider increasing that commitment by one step
  • Includes the basic plans for the campaign, including schedules, team roles, sermon illustrations, worship helps, letters, and commitment cards. Art, files, schedules, and task lists are found on the accompanying CD ROM.
  • Adult readings and study book, small group leader guide, and devotional companion are also included


BookCyclesOfDiscipleshipCycles of Discipleship

by Jack Phillips

Cycles of Discipleship offers a model of stewardship outlined in 2 Corinthians 8-9. This early church model for stewardship meets the needs of congregations, people, and pastors today. Cycles of Discipleship rings with the biblical affirmation of God's grace. It heralds the redemptive ministries provided by the church. The program kit includes: 9 copies of Cycles of Discipleship Program Guide; 1 Training DVD; 1 Resource CD; and 1 Bible Study CD.

Cycles of Discipleship helps those in the church view stewardship as:

  • A privilege of every Christian disciple
  • An opportunity to excel in the grace of giving
  • A source of joy as they put their time, abilities, and financial resources to work in a needy world
  • An opportunity to support the ministries of the church, not simply an annual budget


BookDefyingGravityDefying Gravity: Break Free from the
Culture of More

By Tom Berlin

  • A four-week stewardship campaign and small-group study
  • Offers multiple format options, videos, handouts, and other tools
  • Break free from the culture of "more" and help congregations become generous
  • Describes what is required to sustain a vibrant life, what we need versus what we want, and what we can do to avoid being pulled into the orbit of materialism


BookEnoughEnough: Discovering Joy through Simplicity and Generosity

By Adam Hamilton

  • Transforms how the church and individuals view the role of money in connection with their life's purpose and the positive impact that transformation will have on the world
  • Provides a campaign timeline, sample communication pieces, sermon series notes, and artwork for PowerPoint and signage
  • Features a companion book with the same title that is to be used for church-wide and small-group studies
  • Addresses the impact of the hyperconsumer culture and God's call to be generous


BookEarnSaveGiveEarn. Save. Give: Wesley's Simple Rules
for Money

By James A. Harnish

  • A twenty-first century translation of Wesley's money management philosophy
  • Provides everyone in your congregation  adults, children, and teenagers - a new way to think about money
  • Details Wesley's concepts and beliefs about money in plain, useful language



BookExtravagantGenerosityExtravagant Generosity: The Heart of Giving

by Michael Reeves & Jennifer Tyler

  • Built on Bishop Robert Schnase's groundbreaking book Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations
  • Involves church members in thinking and praying about their financial discipleship on a day-to-day basis
  • Includes an overview timeline, a small group leader's guide, and a DVD
  • Encourages the congregation to read the devotional book Practicing Extravagant Generosity


BookFirstFirst: Putting God First in Living
and Giving

by Michael Slaughter

Pastor and author Mike Slaughter conducts a four-week all-church stewardship program to help participants reassess priorities and create a culture and a lifestyle of giving with a special emphasis on missions. To help parents educate and model generosity for their kids, First includes components for children and youth that help families explore financial decisions together.

  • Sessions include: Naming Our Idols; Money, Work, and Debt; EarnŃSaveŃGive; and Heart Giving
  • Program kit includes one each of the program components: shiny gods: finding freedom from things that distract us; Program Guide with Flash Drive; Children's Leader Guide; Youth Study Edition; DVD with Leader Guide; and Devotional Book.


BookGiveItAllGive It All You've Got

  • This five-week campaign emphasizes the proper motivation and attitude of giving
  • Invites individuals to give all they have by giving their "best" -- defined as time, talents, and resources
  • The five-session Bible study teaches members why they should give God their all and how they are able to do so
  • Devotional meditations are designed to encourage and to motivate individuals to use their lives and resources to honor and glorify God
  • Features a well-organized, easy-to-follow program resource book, Bible study, and tri-fold program brochure
  • Provides access to a download center enabling easy customization of all necessary campaign resources


BookGivingGiving: Growing Joyful Stewards
in Your Congregation

Ecumenical Stewardship Center

  • An annual journal filled with stewardship articles, including a basic annual
    stewardship campaign
  • The journal offers a different theme
    each year
  • The journal provides an announcement letter, cover letter with estimate of giving card, financial enlistment timeline, and other theme material

BookGrow1The Grow One Sunday
Stewardship Program


  • Downloadable program does not require an outside leader or special luncheon
  • A possible good follow-up to the New Consecration Sunday developed by the same author, Herb Miller
  • Especially valuable in churches that have never conducted an annual financial campaign
  • Useful in a congregation with a previous ineffective campaign model resulting in a prejudice against any annual financial campaign


BookIrresistibleInvitationIrresistible Invitation Program Kit:
Cultivating Joyful Giving in Your Church

by Maxie Dunnam

  • The key to this study is the 40-day approach, where individual reading and focus is incorporated into the community stewardship campaign experience
  • The intensive program helps the church family discover all the ways it can live and give in response to God's extravagant love
  • Everything needed to plan the stewardship campaign, to prepare for small-group studies, and to begin daily reading is in this program kit
  • Everyone participating in the study, from older youth to adults, will need a copy of the 40-day Reading Book
  • Each participant will take a few moments each day to read and reflect on that day's passage


BookGiveItAll1Live a God-Pleasing Life

  • This three-week campaign, complete with a user-friendly program resource book, emphasizes our identity and purpose as God's stewards
  • Focuses on stewardship as active and involved participation rather than a passive caretaker role
  • Congregation is "challenged, encouraged, and equipped to be stewards living a God-pleasing life"
  • Promotes that faith is the foundation, discipleship is the path, and generosity is the hallmark of giving
  • A Bible study and daily devotional meditations are provided for reflection
  • Provides access to a download center enabling easy customization of all necessary campaign resources


BookExtravagantGenerosity1Money Matters: Financial Freedom for
All God's Churches

By Michael Slaughter with Kim Miller

  • Begins by focusing on personal budget planning
  • Requires church-wide and small-group studies of the companion book, Money Matters: Financial Freedom for All God's Children
  • Offers an overall stewardship program that is strategically placed throughout the year instead of a single annual event
  • Provides a complete set of effective components, including a Leader's Guide, group studies, video clips, worship celebrations, print-ready artwork, and sermons by the author, that are contained on DVD


BookNewConecrationSundayNew Consecration Sunday

by Herb Miller

  • A self-directed campaign
  • Requires an outside leader/speaker
  • Requires a meal for church leaders and a catered luncheon for the entire congregation
  • Emphasizes the Christian responsibility of the giver to give
  • Requires that estimate of giving cards be received on Consecration Sunday



BookStewardshipStewardship in the Small Membership Congregation

By Clark Hargus

  • Emphasizes small group Bible study
  • Provides a series of questions to be asked in worship that might be used for long-range planning
  • Following the Bible studies, three Sundays are themed around being faithful, hopeful, and loving
  • Clear step-by-step guidelines for a Fellowship Dinner are included
  • Urban and rural church editions are available; however, the only difference is the program cover – the material is identical

For more information about ordering this product, please contact us.


BookTransformedGivingTransformed Giving Program Kit

By John Ed Mathison

  • Provides congregational unity by encouraging the congregation to read Treasures of the Transformed Life, to participate in a group study, and to listen to coordinated worship messages
  • A 40-day intensive spiritual growth emphasis for the entire congregation that leads to enhanced financial giving
  • The congregation is immersed together as a single body in the same fulfilling step-by-step transformation
  • Contains one copy of Treasures of the Transformed Life, a Participant's workbook, a Leader's Guide, a Media Kit, and a Campaign Handbook



By Jacob Armstrong

  • Reexamines how we look at our finances and possessions through the countercultural teachings of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6)
  • A churchwide study and congregational program
  • Encourages participants to compare their deepest beliefs and values with where they are currently giving their treasure (time, energy, and money)
  • Includes compelling small-group videos, sermon ideas, and video lead-ins












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