Annual Rebalancing

Annually, as part of our disciplined investment process, the United Methodist
Foundation of Michigan implements a rebalancing program across all investment
strategies. This risk management approach adjusts each account to the target asset
allocation elected on your original investment application or a subsequent written
communication. The annual rebalancing will occur during the month of September,

  1. No action is required by you for this rebalancing to occur. You will note this
    rebalancing when you receive your account statements in October.
    Remember that you have complete flexibility with this asset allocation. You may
    choose a portfolio heavy with stocks (i.e. 70% Stock Fund/30% Bond Fund) or an
    allocation with more fixed income assets (i.e. 40% Stock Fund/60% Bond Fund) or
    any other percentage allocation mix between the Stock Fund and Bond Fund. Those
    account holders who have directed us to maintain a “balanced” portfolio will have an
    allocation of 60% invested in the Stock Fund and 40% invested in the Bond Fund.
    On behalf of the Board of Directors and the staff, I extend my appreciation for the
    opportunity to serve your church. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you desire
    to change your account allocation or if we may serve other stewardship interests. If
    you have specific questions about the rebalance process, please contact Ann Buck,
    Sr. Director of Account Services, ( or 888-451-1929.)
    David S. Bell
    President & Executive Director

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