Individual Provisions of the CARES Act ENews 4.21.2020

What are the potential benefits of the CARES Act for you personally?

How are you doing? It’s a question being asked in nearly every conversation.  The question seems to have more meaning behind it today than it did six weeks ago.  The questioner listens attentively to truly hear our response.  It’s a question asked with sincerity – no longer a passing, informal greeting. So, how are you doing? 

During each of the past several weeks, more people have called me in a week than typically call me in a month.  The initial reason for their call is professional, but the conversation often turns personal. An essential business owner hesitantly confesses to being more tired than his voice sounds.  A pastor eagerly exclaims her excitement over an online worship service with double digit growth compared to the sanctuary service. A loving daughter sadly reports the death of her frail mother. An accountant openly admits his enjoyment in working from home and seeing his young children throughout the day.  A widow emotionally shares the fragility of her financial retirement portfolio. A customer service representative joyously confides her thankfulness for a stable income. I often find myself listening to their story. Honestly, I have reciprocated in this self-disclosure, too.

Ironically, we are allowing ourselves to be more open, transparent, and vulnerable with each other at the very time that we are physically farther apart because of social distancing.  Ironic, don’t you think?  Or, is it? Perhaps this reality is actually not ironic at all. It’s a demonstration of our zest for authentic community, our longing to be compassionately understood, our desire to shape a hope-filled tomorrow.  We cannot fulfill this zest, longing, or desire on our own accord.  We need one another, and more importantly, we need God through Jesus Christ. 

Our entire staff approaches the ministry of the Foundation everyday both professionally and personally.  One informs the other.  We have never been more committed to equipping, strengthening, and encouraging pastors and church leaders than during this pandemic.  We continue to pray for you and the congregations represented by you.  May God of the Easter Promise embolden you to meet people where they are and lift them up to experience the Resurrected One.


David S. Bell,
President and Executive Director

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