April News, 2022

A Faith Filled Response to the Markets

David S. Bell, President and Executive Director

The investment climate is currently being disrupted. Inflation, rising interest rates, market volatility, and global tensions are creating economic shifts. All of these factors result in both new opportunities and risks for investors. Understandably, some people feel unsettled about the present investment state. You may be among those people!

We experience firsthand the economic impact of rising gas prices, grocery store checkout totals, and consumer costs. We can easily be swept into an emotional spiral that causes us to fixate on market swings. A common visual reference to this impassioned response is the image of a roller coaster with investors riding the ups and downs. Our emotional response to the financial markets is not a new phenomenon. The challenge is to remain objective so that decisions are based on proven trends, solid research, and seasoned counsel. Read More Here


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