September News, 2022

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New Appointments and Understanding Church Finances

The first months of a newly appointed pastor are filled with “getting acquainted” activities. Pastors work to memorize names. They also become familiar with church systems, from worship planning to leadership structure to outreach programming. Church finance is also an essential focus area for pastoral leaders. While seeking understanding of the church’s financial policies, budget and giving practices may not seem like a pressing need, pastors can learn about a church’s values, ministry and faith practices through a review of church finances. What are the questions that a pastor may ask and what information might church leaders provide to assist a pastor in understanding their church’s finances? Read More Here

Developing a Church Endowment Policy

The primary purpose of an endowment fund is to offer a means by which members and friends of a church can make gifts and bequests that provide permanent financial support and living memorials. The endowment fund assists the church in fulfilling its purposes in ministry and mission. Endowment fund income is used to support ministries beyond normal local church activities or to provide temporary assistance in starting new ministries. If your are starting a new endowment fund or simply wish to update your fund guidelines we can help. We offer a template to walk you through the decisions that need to be made. This guide will help you address the elements that should be included in the endowment policy. Churches with written policies help donors feel confident in how monies will be handled and trust the fund will remain permanent in nature.

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