Observing Lent: More than Just “Giving Up”…

March 2021

Rev. Dr. Sherry Parker Lewis

 I have observed Lent by giving up all sorts of things. Through the years I’ve given up desserts, caffeine, social media, and watching television. I’ve done this with the intention of spending more time in devotion to God. Sometimes I’ve made good on that intention and sometimes not.
I’ve discovered that despite my lofty “giving up something” plans for Lent, I’ve best prepared my heart for the joy of Easter by joining others in giving.
Is your faith community participating in a Lenten outreach project? In the weeks before Easter, many churches encourage gifts and service for community outreach. Congregations that I have served have changed lives with Lenten gifts to provide food, literacy support, shelter, dental care and clean water. Is there a community need that has been on your heart, a place that cries out for your support?
It may seem counterintuitive to “give” in a season when we are more likely to “give up” something. However, Lent can be a time for extraordinary generosity.

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