September News, 2021

Simple Practices Encourage Generosity

by Rev. Dr. Sherry Parker-Lewis

Encouraging a culture of generosity in the local church does not need elaborate programming. Keeping up with current stewardship practices and resources is important; however, church leaders can look back to some basic life directions for guidance. Our parents and those who helped parent us can inform what we do to lift the faith practice of generosity.

“Say your prayers.” Many of us were reminded as children to offer grace at the table, to pray before sleeping and to join in prayer in worship. Practicing prayer can breathe grace and hope into all that we do. Growing generosity as a faith practice in the church begins with our prayers. Nothing we have is ours; it was created by God and belongs to God. Pray thanksgiving for God’s abundant gifts. We serve as part of the Body of Christ. Pray for direction and resources so that Christ’s body will thrive for making disciples. Outreach into the community and the world offers Christ in word and deed. Pray for a generosity that changes lives. Offer these prayers when community gathers for worship and for planning.


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