Offertory Prayers

The offering provides a weekly opportunity to connect our faith commitment with our financial habits. These lectionary-based offertory prayers seek to encourage generous giving as a spiritual discipline. The prayers may be printed in the church bulletin as a congregational response or prayed verbally by the worship leader.


January 18, 2015 – Second Sunday after Epiphany

Merciful God, you provide us with so many opportunities to follow Jesus’ teaching and to live as modern day disciples. We sometimes respond to your call with enumerable excuses or unfounded worries. We confuse our spiritual longing with the need for possessions. Yet, these things only provide a false sense of security. As we offer these financial resources, transform us so that we are stirred to hear your call on our lives. We pray in the name of the Redeeming One, Jesus the Christ. Amen. John 1:43-51


January 25, 2015 – Third Sunday after Epiphany

God of Deliverance, we pause during this time of worship to return to you some of the monetary riches that you have given to us. While we wait in pensive silence, we are reminded to set our hearts and minds on your steadfast love. You alone are our rock, our fortress, and our salvation. We experience comforting solace in your refuge. Thanks be to God! Amen. Psalm 62:5-12


February 2, 2014 – Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

Blessed One, we discover such a contrast to our present culture when we read the Beatitudes. We rejoice that these generous gifts will strengthen this congregation’s ability to engage in ministries of peace, mercy, comfort, and truth. We dedicate them to you in gratitude for your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen. Matthew 5:1-12


February 9, 2014 – Fifth Sunday after Epiphany

O God, there are many things we do not understand. We do not understand the emptiness of accumulation nor our desire to acquire more. Our desire to live this year more fully and faithfully is even a mystery . . . but it is real. Our gifts today are symbols of our hope and inner yearnings. Receive them and transform them by the mysterious power of your love. Amen.


February 16, 2014 – Sixth Sunday after Epiphany

Evidence of your love is all around us — but we are often blind to it. Most of us spend more time ignoring you than doubting you. By placing money in the offering this day, we declare our trust in your goodness. Our giving is a way we announce to ourselves and to the world that ultimate importance is not in our scheming, but in your purposes. Receive these gifts as our way of applauding your power and love. Amen.


February 23, 2014 – Seventh Sunday after Epiphany

We acknowledge, O God, your call involves more than fancy words and theological concepts. Your call involves our lives and the "daily-ness" of living. Even the evidence of our pocketbooks, billfolds, and credit card statements describes our priorities. We give both to make a difference in the world and to remind ourselves about our priorities. Accept these gifts as our commitment to put first things first. In Jesus' name, Amen.













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