We offer this curated list of podcasts related to various financial topics. These podcasts represent a diverse mix of hosts and will appeal to different audiences. Each one offers insightful and helpful suggestions in a specific area of expertise.  Be sure to check back often since this list is reviewed and updated regularly.

Host Chris Browning shares this podcast description with UMFM: Managing the finances can be one of the most important yet scariest tasks we are given, but it doesn’t have to be. Popcorn Finance is a short form podcast that teaches listeners how to handle all aspects of their finances in just a few minutes each week. (Episodes 10-15 minutes). Listen Now

“The young family wealth building conversation.” Andy Hill has created a podcast dedicated to “strengthening the family tree” and living financially FREE (financially free – early retirement). The financial content is curated by a “parent in the trenches.” Episodes cover relevant topics for young families, including paying off debt, making financial decisions and investment. (Episodes 20-45 minutes)  Listen Now.

Jamila Souffrant’s podcast is “here to help you eliminate debt, save more money and increase your net worth so that you can ultimately achieve financial freedom and independence.” She offers concise interviews with financial leaders and authors. (Episodes 45-60 minutes).  Listen Now

Bob Lotich leads discussions at the intersection of money and the Bible. His personal mission is to “make, save, grow and give money to benefit others. After all, life isn’t about the accumulation of things but is about how we can make the world a better place by giving.” (Episodes 10-30 minutes).  Listen Now

Matt and Joel, like talking about money, saving for the future and using income wisely. Joel shared with UMFM: “How to Money” attempts to help folks from all walks of life handle their finances with purpose. (Episodes 30-60 minutes).  Listen Now

“Empowering women to ditch debt, save money and build real wealth.” Bola Sokunbi shares financial concepts and hosts conversations for women about business, life and living. The website includes multiple free resources for personal finance. (Episodes 30-50 minutes).  Listen Now

Jean Chatzky founded “Her Money” to offer financial advice specifically for women. “We are your judgement-free zone for all things financial. And we are focused on changing our relationships with money. . . one woman at a time.” (Episodes 35-45 minutes). Listen Now

“Save more. Earn more. Do more with your money!” Jessica Moorehouse, a “millennial money expert”, teaches others how to take control of their lives by taking control of their money. She interviews business leaders, finance experts and influencers.  (Episodes 45-60 minutes).  Listen Now

The main themes covered by ChooseFI hosts Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett are personal finance and intentional living, with the goal of helping hearers achieve FI (Financial Independence). The team answers listener’s questions and offers interviews with financial experts. (Episodes 45-70 minutes).  Listen Now

“Let’s live the money life.” Host Chuck Jaffe interviews investment experts for advice and insights. He offers in-depth investment discussions concerning current market trends and where, how, and why to invest. (Episodes 60 to 90 minutes). Listen Now

A team of several hosts from National Public Radio explain the economy and current economic news. (Episodes 20-25 minutes). Listen Now

This podcast is for persons 50 years and older, those who are nearing retirement or retired. Pam Krueger, Rich Eisenberg and Terry Savage discuss issues like retirement transition, money management, investing, healthcare costs and estate planning. (Episodes 20 – 30 minutes). Listen Now

Podcaster Laura Adams’ mission is to give listeners the knowledge and motivation to prioritize their finances, build wealth, have more security and less stress. In each episode she includes actionable strategies and practical advice. (Episodes 20-25 minutes).  Listen Now