We provide a full continuum of practical consultations and workshops focused on helping faithful people live generous lives. We build planned giving programs, offer annual and capital campaign consulting, assist with budget and endowment development, preach on the spiritual discipline of generosity, assess local church financial wellness and best practices, manage local church assets, and a wide array of other services. Most of these services are offered at no charge to local churches as part of our ministry.

Investment and Fund Management

Value-aligned, socially responsible investment of church funds has been a central focus of the Foundation for decades. We are the primary investor of long-term local church assets such as endowment funds, memorial funds, building and capital accounts, and numerous other designated accounts. Most importantly, we offer the best in fiduciary responsibility, social accountability, and quality investments within the parameters established by the church itself.

Creative Gift-Giving Seminars

Our planned giving seminars encourage the joy of generous giving. We focus on all aspects of a comprehensive estate plan and a wide range of planned gifts, including legacy gifts, charitable gift annuities, donor advised funds, and charitable trusts.

Stewardship Consultation

We serve as the primary financial stewardship consultants to Michigan Conference United Methodist churches. We provide on-site consultations with experienced practitioners who come alongside church leaders to help them fulfill the church’s purpose and vision.

Local Church Finance

Whether it is providing direction of an annual budget campaign, training finance volunteers, or trouble shooting in problematic situations, the Foundation staff is available to work with churches on financial tasks of any kind.​

Help for Accepting Gift Securities

The Foundation can assist donors in making non-cash gifts to their local churches. Our brokerage accounts can expedite the receipt of contributions such as gifts of stocks, bonds and mutual funds — all on your behalf. We handle the receipt and sale of the securities and then deposit the proceeds in your account. Our staff is available to give advice ensuring the full benefit of gifting, to both the church and your donor, is achieved.


We are committed to supporting clergy leadership excellence. Our individual and group leadership coaching experiences assist pastors to live into their purpose and vision. Coaching focuses on pastors effectively using their knowledge, skills and wisdom in their ministry setting.

Endowment Development and Promotion

Healthy congregations are receiving a growing portion of operating income from endowment earnings. The Foundation staff provides direction in establishing industry-standard, best practices for endowment funds in addition to offering value-aligned, competitive investment services.

Capital Project Consultation

We assist church leaders with the preliminary steps of a major capital campaign or lead clearly defined, short-term capital campaigns. We partner with a capital campaign consulting firm on multi-year projects to assure goals are met and the project remains on course.