Planned Giving Brochures

These digital publications provide an overview of various planned gifts and may be ordered in bulk.

10 Ways to Use Life Insurance for Planned Giving

Learn how your life insurance can benefit your church. The average family owns more than $25,000 of life insurance. This pamphlet offers practical information about using insurance for charitable giving.

All About Charitable Remainder Trusts

Practical insight and answers to questions about this generous opportunity that may provide income to one’s family and favorite ministries. This pamphlet helps readers understand the benefits of having a charitable remainder trust.

Charitable Gift Annuities

This pamphlet answers basic questions about charitable gift annuities. These planned gifts provide a simple, guaranteed source of life income without complicated investment strategies.

Miracle Sunday

Discover this intensive capital campaign strategy culminating in a major offering received on one day. This booklet outlines the entire process and includes a communication strategy and timeline.

The Pastor's Role

Pastors have an opportunity to significantly impact the legacy giving of a congregation. This pamphlet provides an overview of critical leadership steps that may impact this important area of ministry. 

Planning Your Legacy

The wills guide can be a valuable tool to help you gather information and think through how you will provide for your loved ones with your estate plan. The guided process is short and usually takes about two hours to complete. This is a PDF File.  Download Here: Estate Planning Guide

Use Your Will Power

This pamphlet is filled with helpful information about incorporating faith and values into estate planning. This valuable tool offers the basic guidelines for including the church or other ministry organizations in an estate planning document, like a will or living trust.

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