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The United Methodist Foundation is here to serve Michigan area churches, institutions, individuals and clergy of the United Methodist Church. We provide a variety of investment opportunities, consulting, seminars, and other resources to help broaden your financial base through sound investing. Our expert staff is happy to serve you with whatever individual needs you may have.






We offer a variety of programs and services to help your church get the most from available financial resources. Also, be sure to check out the publications we have available to help with your stewardship campaigns and other development needs.





Investment and
Fund Management


Professional investment of church funds has been a popular service of the Foundation since 1982. Currently, over 300 congregations have chosen to have us professionally manage their endowment funds, memorial funds, building and capital accounts, and numerous other designated accounts. Most importantly, we offer the best in fiduciary responsibility, social accountability, and quality investments within the parameters established by the church itself. learn more








Creative Gift-Giving Seminars


The Foundation's program staff, as well as trained volunteer consultants, are available to present clinics and programs at your church on a wide variety of topics, including: Christian estate planning, creating a personal will, and other planned giving issues.








Stewardship Education


Through our consulting and publishing ministries, we serve as the primary stewardship arm of the United Methodist Church in Michigan. We provide experienced resourcing from information gathered during our more than 2,000 consultations with churches of all kinds and sizes.








Capital Project Consultation


We have assisted over 200 congregations in planning, financing and funding capital acquisitions for a variety of projects, such as: new construction, renovations, and organ acquisition. The Foundation has played a vital role in enabling churches to raise over $25 million for capital projects during the past several years.








Local Church Finance


Whether it is providing direction of an annual budget campaign, training finance volunteers, or trouble shooting in problematic situations, the Foundation staff is available to work with churches on financial tasks of any kind.








Endowment Development and Promotion


Healthy congregations are receiving a growing portion of operating income from endowment earnings. The Foundation can show you how to organize to participate in this enormous opportunity. learn more








Help for Accepting
Gift Securities



The Foundation offers a service to assist donors in making non-cash gifts to their local churches. One of the advantages of having an account with the Foundation is the ability to use our brokerage accounts to accept gifts of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The use of this account can expedite the receipt of donations, saving your church the hassle and expense of opening an account. We receive the securities, sell them & then can write a check for the proceeds or deposit the money in your account.

We are prepared to accept stocks, bonds and mutual fund gifts on your behalf. Our staff is available to give advice ensuring the full benefit of gifting, to both the church and your donor, is achieved. Contact us for more information.






We can help your institution generate the income you need to achieve your goals and objectives.





Develop Audit and Evaluation


Drawing upon nearly 20 years of professional fundraising experience and expertise, the Foundation staff is available to consult with you to evaluate the development ministry of your organization. This service may help you identify new areas for service or new staff initiatives.








Planned Giving Program Development


The Foundation can help your organization begin to tap the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. If your institution is not currently receiving a significant and growing portion of its gift income through planned giving vehicles, this may be the next step in your development ministry.








Donor Contact and Cultivation


Because many institutions lack adequate field staff to follow-up with donor prospects, countless gifts are lost. The Foundation staff can be your agent in extending the reach of the organization to the donor's home anywhere in Michigan.








Planned Giving Presentations and Programs



The Foundation's trained presenters are available to address board meetings, donor seminars, and annual meetings, as well as a wide variety of other venues for information and inspiration. Learn why the Foundation's staff have presented at events like the United Methodist Convocation on Development, North American Conference on Christian Philanthropy, Christian Management Institute, Robert Schuller Institute of Successful Church Leadership and many other outstanding conferences across the USA and Canada.





Individuals and Pastors

We can help you with your personal financial and estate planning as well. Below are some of the ways we serve individuals
in Michigan with their personal financial needs. Also, be sure to check out the publications we offer to help you with your
personal financial and estate planning.





Financial and Estate Planning


Let us be the first place you go for information and resources before retaining professional legal and financial planning counsel. We can assist you in framing the issues you will present to your counsel, and potentially save you both time and money.








Professional Trust Management


We provide high quality, low cost administration for testamentary and charitable remainder trusts. In addition, we offer administration of living trusts and estates at very reasonable expense. We provide a trusted source for support and other management services.








Charitable Estate Planning


We offer free, no-obligation consultation in providing for the church and other charities through the planned-giving strategies that best fit your personal needs.








Life-Income Gifts


We can help you coordinate a unique giving plan that enables you to receive income for the rest of your life. These plans — gift annuities, charitable remainder unitrusts, and annuity trusts — provide outstanding retirement planning for anyone with charitable interests.











Healthy congregations are receiving a growing portion of operating income from endowment earnings. The United Methodist Foundation of Michigan can help you take advantage of this enormous opportunity.

The primary purpose of an Endowment Fund is to offer a means by which members and friends of a church can make gifts and bequests that provide permanent financial support and living memorials. Gifts to the Endowment Fund should be held in perpetuity, if not otherwise designated by the donor, with income to be used to further Christian ministry and mission. Income from the Endowment Fund should be used to assist the church in fulfilling its purposes in ministry and mission. This includes the support of the ministries of the local church, the United Methodist Church throughout Michigan, nationally or internationally, and any other Christian ministry or mission deemed appropriate by the Endowment Committee.

An Endowment Fund and the resulting income is intended for purposes that are not a part of the local churches' established programs, which are funded, or should be funded, through the annual operating budget of the church and the regular giving of those attending.It is not intended that endowment fund income be used to provide for general operating expenses of the local church. Endowment Fund Income should only be used to support ministries beyond normal local church activities or to provide temporary assistance in starting new ministries.

Endowment Funds may accept both cash and non-cash gifts and bequests. Non-cash gifts my include corporate stock, mutual funds, bonds, bank deposits, real estate, etc. as deemed acceptable by the Endowment Committee.

Accounts may be either Donor Designated Accounts or Undesignated Accounts. Donor Designated Accounts are established when donors place specific designations or restrictions on their gift. Principal and income of these accounts can only used in accordance with the written directives provided by the donor. Undesignated Accounts are not designated for a particular purpose or restricted in any way.

To help you with endowment planning, we have created the following sample documents that can be downloaded. Each document provides information to help you in your planning and execution of an endowment.


Endowment Fund Charter and Policies


Endowment Fund Grant Request Process

Endowment Fund Investment Policy


Planned Gift Acknowledgment/Confirmation Form
























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