News and Events-October 2020

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Introducing: Generous Congregations
A New Small Group Experience
for Clergy & Local Church Financial Leaders
Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Sherry Parker-Lewis and
Sponsored by the UM Foundation of Michigan
You are invited to join a small group of 10-12 United Methodists from the Michigan area and grow the culture of generosity in your church. The group meets online for five 2-hour sessions over 10 months. There is no cost for participation.
Each session is grounded in scripture and encourages a unique vision for local churches. Sessions include opportunities for focused conversation. Participants will choose either a morning session or evening session.
Session 1 – November 16, 2020 (6pm-8pm) OR November 17 (10am-12pm)
Adapting in Changing Times – Discuss the difference between adaptive change and technical fixes. Examine together generosity practices and trends in the local church. Be challenged to work toward adaptive change.
Session 2 – January 11, 2021 (6pm-8pm) OR January 12 (10am-12pm)
Financial Practice Tune-Up – Start the year with strong financial practices, from record keeping to intentional celebrations of generosity. Participants will share their church’s fiscal strengths and growth areas and develop plans to cultivate a culture of generosity.
Session 3 – February 8, 2021 (6pm-8pm) OR February 9 (10am-12pm)
Annual Stewardship Planning – It is never too early to plan for year-round stewardship education and an annual stewardship campaign. Share resources and create individualized 12-month plans.
Session 4 – March 8, 2021 (6pm-8pm) OR March 9 (10am-12pm)
Narrative Budget – Tell the story of the local church’s ministry. Examine steps for creating a compelling narrative budget.
Session 5 – August 23, 2021 (6pm-8pm) OR August 24 (10am-12pm)
Check-In for Progress – Reconvene in preparation for fall ministry. What learnings have been implemented? How can we support one another?
Registration deadline is November 12th. Email Sherry to register.
Would you prefer an individually designed workshop
just for your leadership group?
We can do that!

Want to have a lasting impact on ministry?
Invest in your faith and help Churches right here in Michigan.
Since 1969, we have been partnering with investors in the financing of dreams and visions through church construction, renovation and repair, parsonage acquisitions and other expansion projects. God provides the vision and together we can provide the funds to make the vision real.
The fund accepts investments from individuals, churches and ministry organizations throughout Michigan. Currently, investments earn a fixed interest rate of 2.00%.

IRA Rollover
If you are 70½ or older, you may roll over up to $100,000 from your IRA to charity this year without paying any federal income tax on your gift. To make an IRA rollover gift, simply contact your custodian and request that an amount be transferred to us. Your gift could be $100, $1,000, or even $10,000.

In December, Congress passed the SECURE Act, limiting stretch payments to IRA beneficiaries to 10 years. If you planned to benefit your children with your IRA, your heirs will now pay higher taxes on the inheritance they receive from you. When you revisit your estate plan, consider funding a testamentary charitable remainder unitrust with your IRA balance. This plan can provide lifetime payments to your heirs and spread out the taxes on their inheritance.

This recently passed law includes several charitable tax provisions to encourage giving. These include:
**A new deduction for charitable donors who do not itemize when filing their tax returns. If you do not itemize but make a cash gift to charity, you will be allowed to take a special tax deduction, up to $300 (per taxpayer unit), to reduce your tax liability.
**An increase in the deduction limit up to 100% of a donor’s annual income for cash gifts (previously the deduction was capped at 60% of annual income). If you make a gift you will be able to deduct more this year.
Questions? Send Us an Email.

Year End Giving Brochure Today
We have designed a PDF Print Ready Brochure for your Year-End Giving needs. Need it personalized? We are happy to help. We can add your church contact information. You simply take the file to your local printer and you have a great promotional piece ready to send to your congregation.
Just send us an email with your details and we will get to work right away on your personalized file!

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