July News, 2022

July, 2022

Make Saving Grace an Adult Study Choice-Rev. Dr. Sherry Parker-Lewis

I started tracking my spending when I attended Central Michigan University back in the 1970’s. I earned my spending money at summer jobs and the money had to last until the end of the school year. I counted every penny, adding up the cost of every tank of gas and slice of pizza. Often, I was down to my last dollar when I drove my VW van home to Lexington, Michigan in May.

I have been tracking my expenses ever since and, through the years, I’ve budgeted specific goals for giving, saving, and spending. It has not always been easy. I remember my frustration as a young professional , just breaking even at the end of each month.


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Spotlight on Generosity

Congratulations to Marshall United Methodist Church. We are excited to recognize you as a 2022 Wayne C. Barrett Steward Leader!

Marshall UMC models the belief that God’s grace is always enough. They launched the “There’s Enough” program in 2018. This is a community exchange boutique as known as a “free store”. The program strives to reach those on the margins of society . Anyone can shop & take what they need with no questions asked.

The church embraces offering this gift of grace to the community and wants to see just how big God can multiply the impact.  


Secure A Church Loan Today with Rates Still Below 5%

Financial websites and publications are reporting that mortgage rates are climbing. The financial site Bankwatch noted the national average 15-year mortgage rate is over 5.00% and the nation’s average 20-year jumbo mortgage rate is over 5.75%. This makes the Michigan Area Loan Fund rate of 4.85% very attractive. 

If your church is considering refinancing an existing mortgage or planning a remodel project give us a call.  We will work with you to understand your project or financing situation. Our application process is straight forward, and we will guide you through the steps. Email Karen Thompson, Sr. Director of Loan Services, for more information.

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